Almost Spring!

I just finished reading Act of Valor and the Disappearance of Olivia in between everything else I’ve been doing. I highly recommend both. I am a Tom Clancy addict – just love his stuff. Once I start reading, I have real problems having to put it down! He has a new book coming out in June – YES. I won’t be in the US on the day it comes out, but I’m hoping that the island that I’m on will have some type of WIFI somewhere!

We did our first pattern for Clothworks for their new line called Brewskie. Sarah did the design and I wrote the pattern!. We are both very excited to have the opportunity to design patterns for their gorgeous fabrics. I just finished making a quilt for a magazine that uses a new line from RJR! Its quilted and over at Deb’s for binding. Deb is making some coordinating pillows for this collection as well. She has a new website, by the way –

I spent today in my pj’s working on the manuscript for the new book. My deadline is May 15, but my teaching schedule really picks up after we come back from the Patchwork Pirate Quilting Cruise so I want to have as much done as possible.

There’s a few days left before the prize drawing for the Block Buffet mystery quilt. If you participated, and your quilt is finished, why not send the image to Chris Brown at AQS for a chance to win one of 3 prizes. I know what only some of the prizes are and believe me, it’s worth the effort!

I just confirmed some dates – I will be down in the Sarasota Florida area in March 2013 visiting the Sarasota guild and the Ladies of the Lake Guild. If you are in Florida and your guild meets the third or fourth week of March, and you would like to share me/expenses, please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with the program chairs.

Since Deb and I went to Atlantic City in the beginning of February, I have accumulated about $75 in laundry change. I think a trip to visit the Frog Prince is in order very soon.

Tomorrow, Allan and I will head down to Quilting Possibilities for my BFF Michele Scott’s book signing for her new book. Our friend Lacey J. Hill and her husband will also be going, and then we’ll all go to dinner with Deb and Jim. Very much looking forward to seeing everyone!

Star Trek movie is on, so I’m outta here!

Busy in our slow time

My husband told me I need to blog more, so here goes…

I am starting to get very excited because the quilts for the new book are starting to come in! All of my quilts for the book are done and are currently in line for quilting. The girls from my very talented piecing team are finishing their assignments and returning the tops! Sarah is doing her usual extraordinary quilting (and the designs will be once again featured in the book). We’re on track for our deadline. Even though it’s not my first rodeo, it’s still stressful wondering will you make it!

Our “big” news is that we have signed on with Clothworks to do some pattern designing for their new fabric collections. Our first assignments arrived, and we already have some action!! Woo hoo – you’ll be seeing them soon.

Deb Stanley (my best bud) just finished a free pattern for a new collection of fabric from Elizabeth’s Studio, LLC. It’s on their website as a free download. This fabric will be available in April.

I’m getting ready to head up to The City Quilter next week for New York Beauty Simplified! I enjoy the train ride up there.

If you’re going out to the AQS Lancaster show on Thursday, head over to the author round table panel. It’s moderated by AQS Executive Editor Andi Reynolds and there will be several AQS authors (including myself!) who will be there to answer your questions – NO SUGAR COATING! Think up some good questions for us – not “where do babies come from”. Come on, we already KNOW they come from the cabbage patch.
Stop me if you see me and say hi! The big boy with me is NOT my bodyguard, he’s my hubby and he doesn’t bite!

Next month will be visits to the Pieceful Shores Quilters Guild in Manahawkin, New Jersey and then up to Vermont to The Stronghouse Inn and then the Champlain Valley Quilters.

OK, I’m blogged out.

Where have I been?

It looks like the last time I blogged was right after we came back from Quilt Market – and that was the beginning of November!!

Well, since then, my husband and I took a 12 day southern caribbean cruise returning the day before Christmas eve. Won’t do that again – it was absolutely crazy trying to come home and do all the last minute Christmas “stuff”. We did stop at my favorite place – St Thomas – where we visited Imperial Jewelers to buy my Christmas present. Hubby did not disappoint!

Once the holidays were over, it was time to buckle down and work on the manuscript for the new book. Of the 15 projects that we will feature, we now have 3 quilts completely done, one on the long arm, 3 waiting to be quilted, 3 on design walls at our house and then some of my friends are working on their contributions.

I’m happy to say that I have a very busy teaching schedule for 2012. I’m starting to get bookings now for 2013. Check my calendar to see if I’ll be in your area or passing by – perhaps your guild would like to share expenses.

My friend Debbie and I have an ensemble coming out in Quilt Magazine using some really graphic red and black fabric from Elizabeths Studio – appropriately named Graphic Elegance. Sarah will have a quilt she designed with Ro Gregg’s new Marblehead fabrics featured in Fons & Porter Love of Quilting magazine. I’ll also have a Marblehead quilt coming out in the Traditional Quilter Magazine – that quilt is named Bennington (it’s a type of marble, by the way).

Our family Christmas gift was an Xbox with that Kinect thing. Now I’m the first to admit that I am technologically challenged, but holey moley, this was frustrating – wave at this, wave at that. Finally found a dvd (is that what you call them) that I can actually work – Zumba of all things. At least this particular program gives me time to get at least one or two of the moves down before they switch to another!! Sarah and I Zumba together – pity the poor neighbor who can see through the bay window!!

The Block Buffet mystery quilt was a big success at AQS! There’s going to be something special going on (I’m sworn to secrecy at the moment) for those who complete their quilts. As soon as I can get this manuscript under control, I’ll be able to submit another mystery design for consideration. There was a great discussion group going for this mystery at My Quilt Place. The girls really seemed to get into it and it was wonderful watching friendships develop.

So, that’s what’s been going on. How long will it be before I blog again? Who knows.

NCIS is on and my couch is calling…….

Busy Sunday

Phew, there’s no rest for the weary – when I write things down and then look at them I totally exhaust myself!  This weekend, I managed to quilt a queen size quilt which I designed using fabrics from Elizabeths Studio, LLC (Graphic Elegance) – this will coordinate with some pillows that my best bud Deb Stanley is designing.  The whole ensemble will be featured in an upcoming issue of Quilt Magazine!

As soon as that was completed, I loaded and quilted a quilt for one of my best long arm customers and moved on to do some New York Beauty blocks for a quilt which will be in my new book.  After we get back from our visit to our local TGIF, where we’ll see a dear friend whom I haven’t seen in about 4 years, I’ll finish my blocks for the Ripples and Reflections BOM quilt that I’m working on for Quilting Possibilities.  I really love this quilt.

Michele Scott advised me that her Emma fabric has arrived.  In the FHD store, we have a pattern – Emma’s Baskets – which we designed for this collection.

Guess I better get to work before I change my mind!!



Back from Houston

What a marvelous time we had in Houston!  We met up with fellow Jersey gals, Deb from Quilting Possibilities, Lacey Hill, Lorraine Freed, Michele Scott and her hubby Tom, and Karen Snyder from Washington.

Our demo at the AQS booth was very well received.  To my surprise, Meredith Schroeder was there too!  We also got to see Chris Brown, Editor of American Quilter Magazine and Jan Magee, Editor of The Quilt Life.  I’m so proud to be a part of the AQS family!

Sarah got to have a quick visit with some of the teachers whose classes she took when she was younger, Laura Wasilowski, Kathy Alyce as well as Judy Murrah!

So, here’s our most recent news….I will have a quilt coming out in the January issue of Quiltmaker Magazine.  I will also have a design coming in Traditional Quilter featuring Ro Gregg’s new line from Fabri-Quilt.  Sarah will have two designs featured in an upcoming issue of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting.  Deb Stanley and I will have a room ensemble featured in Quilt Magazine in one of their upcoming issues!

We’re winding down for the year, working on finishing up the long arm quilts that are in house for the holidays.  We won’t have any new patterns out until the beginning of the year.  I’m very much looking forward to some down time, though I don’t stay down for long (hahaha).

Houston Bound!

We are getting very excited!  Sarah, Deb S. and myself are heading down to Houston to attend the International Quilt Market.  Allan and Amber are staying home to hold down the fort!

One of the quilts that we designed and made for Elizabeth’s Studio, LLC using their new line “Graphic Elegance” will be featured in their booth in addition to Deb’s really funky handbag.

We’ll be doing a demonstration of the technique in New York Beauty Simplified at the American Quilter’s Society booth on Saturday at 12:00 and Sunday at 1:00.

It’s really great to be finally able to meet the people we have been dealing with over the internet face to face.  We also get to see new products.  Speaking of new products, my very dear friend Michele Scott’s new book with AQS arrives this week.

Have you checked out the on line mystery quilt yet?  Head on over to and click on the Block Buffet Mystery.  You still have plenty of time to catch up.  There’s a new clue every week.


Another busy weekend


Quilt Market is fast approaching and we’re very busy getting ready. Sarah, Debbie S. and I are heading down to Houston. We’re leaving him and Amber home to hold down the fort. I will be doing a demo of my NYB Simplified technique at the AQS booth on Saturday at 1:00 and then again on Sunday at 12:00. So today, I will be making tons of New York Beauty blocks in various stages.

We will have some of our designs featured at the Elizabeth’s Studio booth. We worked with their Teacups & Roses and Graphic Elegance lines. There will be free patterns to use with these lines. Deb S. has made some unbelieveable totes for several of Ro Gregg’s new lines from Fabri-Quilt.

Sarah and I each have had quilts accepted by different magazines – which use Ro Gregg’s new Marblehead line – so we’ll keep you posted when the magazines will be out.

We are very excited to be working with Michele Scott’s new line that will coming out with Northcott. Michele has totally outdone herself with this new collection. She is so talented and is so versatile in her design abilities. I’m just in awe.

The on-line mystery (which we designed) over at has been very well received. Chris Brown (the editor) has even started a special discussion group at

Hubby is going to let me have one of my christmas gifts early so I can take it to Market Its a really cool piece of luggage.

Our last new pattern of the year is now available – it’s called Saturn6 (no, I didn’t make a typo, there is no space). Sarah and I made it together – and we used fabrics from our massive batik stash.

A winner!!

Congrats to Deborah R. from Delaware who is the winner of an autographed copy of New York Beauty Simplified! Sarah pulled her name yesterday.

We have had a terrific response to the on line mystery quilt over at There is even a special discussion group at My Quilt Place. I can’t wait to see everyone’s final project. One of the things I enjoy is when students send me photos of their finished projects. It’s amazing how the “flavor” of the quilt changes just by changing the fabric.

Today I head up to visit the Warwick Valley Quilters Guild in New York to present a New York Beauty Simplified workshop. I’m always excited when I teach this class. There’s a WOW factor at the final step in the process and it’s just great to watch people’s faces.

Maybe in the next day or so, I will start experimenting with some of these buttons on the blog to see what they do!

Productive Sunday!

I am still working my way around all the new technology! A blog, a newsletter and website content. Phew! I’m getting there, very slowly, but making progress.

I feel like I was very productive today. Sarah and Allan both were working, so it was just me and Amber. I was able to piece the top and then piece a back for a quilt that will be going to Elizabeth’s Studio for their booth at Quilt Market. I also was able to work on one month’s worth of blocks for the Block of Month quilt. I dabbled a bit with the new newsletter, all while running laundry. What a good feeling it is to make progress that you can actually see!

Packing up the car tomorrow for a trip up to the Warwick Valley Quilters Guild to do a New York Beauty Simplified workshop.